SciComm Best Practices

“The 90-Day Rule”: Considerations behind EurekAlert!’s Timeliness Guideline

As a nonprofit science news service and consortium of research institutions, EurekAlert! has always striven to facilitate dissemination of the latest scientific breakthroughs to reporters and the public. Since our launch in 1996, scientific publishing and science communication have adapted to the introduction of open access, advanced or early online publication, and other practices where papers become available online before print.…

Working with academics: 5 things I’ve learned

If someone asked me to list the perks of my job, ‘working with academics’ would be one of them. Yet if someone asked me to list the downsides of my job, ‘working with academics’ would also most likely be one of them. As enthusiastic as they can be particular, researchers can inspire and frustrate in equal measure.

Yet academics are at the heart of our press releases; without them, we would have no content to write about.…

A Guide to B-roll for PIOs

Why submit B-roll to the Science Press Package? 

The Science Press Package (or “SciPak”) team has talked with reporters at The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, STAT, The Economist and other outlets, and we have learned that these reporters greatly value video; having it can make the difference in whether they cover a piece of new research.…