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FAQ: Everything you need to know about Feature Stories and Article Highlights

In an effort to offer more value to subscribers and greater diversity of science-related content to journalists and members of the public on EurekAlert!, all subscribers may now submit Feature Stories and Article Highlights, which are automatically aggregated to the new Features and Articles Portal (

Here’s an FAQ on the largest expansion of acceptable content on EurekAlert!…

The pathway to news coverage has widened — have your pitches?

For public information officers, pitching newsworthy STEM stories to the media is an important part of the job. While the traditional definition of newsworthiness remains, there’s a new pathway to earning coverage in some of the most respected media outlets: going viral.

Evolution of news

Traditionally, a newsworthy story might feature recently published peer-reviewed research, the latest scientific breakthrough, or the awarding of major research funding and honors.…

Building trust as a public information officer

At this year’s AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, I participated in a seminar for public information officers (PIOs) – the folks who communicate research from research organizations. The topic in hand was earning trust, a subject that is always pertinent for PIOs, but also captures the mood of our times.

Other members of the panel were Dominique Brossard, an academic of science communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Euan McKay, a communicator from the University of Tokyo; and Nicholas St.…