How-to: Use the Tip Sheet Import Tool

The tip sheet import tool is only available for publishers that currently utilize EurekAlert!’s tip sheet service:

  • Science family of journals
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
  • JAMA Network journals
  • Jneurosci and eNeuro (Society for Neuroscience journals)
  • Rockefeller University Press journals
  • Cell Press journals
  • ASBMB journals

The tool makes it possible to transfer pertinent data from the tip sheet into a news release with a single click rather than requesting PIOs to manually enter this information.…

How-to: List a Funder on a News Release

Tagging funders to your news releases provides journalists additional insights into the research, helps the public understand the scientific ecosystem, and most importantly, acknowledges the role that funders play in the advancement of knowledge. 

Tagging funders appropriately on EurekAlert! also helps your fellow funder PIOs, many of whom use EurekAlert! to stay up-to-date on latest research funded by their agencies. Here’s how: