How-to: List a Funder on a News Release

Tagging funders to your news releases provides journalists additional insights into the research, helps the public understand the scientific ecosystem, and most importantly, acknowledges the role that funders play in the advancement of knowledge. 

Tagging funders appropriately on EurekAlert! also helps your fellow funder PIOs, many of whom use EurekAlert! to stay up-to-date on latest research funded by their agencies. Here’s how: 

1. On the additional info page of the content submission form, scroll down and click “Add Funder.”

2. In the “Funder” box, begin typing the funder name. As you type, the system will search and suggest funders that are already in our database. Enter the organization full name (e.g. National Science Foundation) rather than searching by their acronyms (NSF). Please note, all National Institute of Health institutes will begin with NIH (e.g. NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse).

3. It is important to tag the entry that we’ve already established in our database if your funder matches one, as this helps reduce duplications, better organize automatically aggregated feeds, and most importantly, reduces processing time of your release! 

4. If you are unable to locate your funder, check “Funder not listed” to suggest a new funder for our database. Our staff will review the funder suggestion to ensure that it is indeed new to our database before adding it. 

5. Provide the grant number, if applicable/desired.  

6. Click the blue “Add Funder” button.

7. Repeat the steps for any additional funders you’d like to tag. 

Optional: Notify funder PIOs 

The new platform offers the option to notify select funders and provide viewing privileges to your news release on a per-release basis. If one of the funders you tag is using this service, the system will automatically offer a “Notify funder” box for you to check.  

If you opt-in, registered PIOs from the funder will receive viewing access of your release upon approval of the release by EurekAlert! staff. To use this service, funder PIOs must agree to honor listed embargoes, if applicable, and to not influence the editorial independence of submitting institutions.