May 2018

Building trust as a public information officer

At this year’s AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, I participated in a seminar for public information officers (PIOs) – the folks who communicate research from research organizations. The topic in hand was earning trust, a subject that is always pertinent for PIOs, but also captures the mood of our times.

Other members of the panel were Dominique Brossard, an academic of science communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Euan McKay, a communicator from the University of Tokyo; and Nicholas St.…

Welcome to EurekAlert!’s #SciComm Blog

How do I write an attention-grabbing headline? What are some tips to avoid “hyping” a scientific study? Why does EurekAlert! have a “90-day rule”? How do I make sure my researcher nails her Reddit AMA? Is it worth promoting a preprint paper if it hasn’t been peer reviewed yet?

These are just a few questions that you, as public information officers (a.k.a.…