How-to: Use the Tip Sheet Import Tool

The tip sheet import tool is only available for publishers that currently utilize EurekAlert!’s tip sheet service:

  • Science family of journals
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
  • JAMA Network journals
  • Jneurosci and eNeuro (Society for Neuroscience journals)
  • Rockefeller University Press journals
  • Cell Press journals
  • ASBMB journals

The tool makes it possible to transfer pertinent data from the tip sheet into a news release with a single click rather than requesting PIOs to manually enter this information. Including this data helps journalists access the original research paper quickly from your news release, powers research article access tracking through services including AltMetric, and can even help ensure the correct embargo or public release date and time are listed on the release. Check out our video tutorial for how to use this new feature and read the step-by-step instructions below.

1. Add details about the article described in your peer-reviewed publications news release, including the embargo date and time when applicable, on the Additional Information page. First, make sure you check “yes” in response to the question, “Does this news release describe a peer-reviewed publication?” Next, if you know the DOI of the research paper your content is about, place it in the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) field.

2. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the Related Journal Name field. Type in the full or partial name of the journal to search for it. Once found, check the box next to the journal name from the list and click the blue Select button.

3. If your organization received a tip sheet notification from that same journal through EurekAlert!, a clickable line in blue will appear stating “There are X upcoming article(s) in -journal- from -your organization name-. Click it to view a list of research papers from your organization that appear in that journal’s tip sheet portal on EurekAlert!.

4. If you entered the DOI in Step 1, you’ll see the article with that DOI available to select in this pop-up window. If you did not enter a DOI, you’ll see a list of all the upcoming articles in this journal that have authors from your organization.

4a. Click the arrow to the left of the article title to expand the detailed view, which includes the full list of the article’s authors and organizations, relevant publication and embargo dates, and other details if provided. Use this opportunity to verify you have selected the correct article to go with your news release.

4b. Check the box next to the article title your content describes and click the blue Transfer Data button.

5. Data for the article selected gets imported directly to the form fields where applicable, and may include:

  • embargo and/or public release date and time
  • earliest outreach date and time
  • DOI
  • article publication date
  • article title
  • author conflict-of-interest disclosures

6. Lastly, check the Notify Journal box, if available, below the Related Journal Name field. This is strongly encouraged, but optional. Doing this will notify the journal’s press office and grant them view-only privileges of your content once it has been approved by EurekAlert! staff. The benefit to notifying the journal this way is increased coordination between the journal press office and author organization press offices, which is especially useful during the embargo period.

From this point, enter any other additional information you’d like on this page and proceed to the next page of the form.