Brian Lin

Why Re-imagine EurekAlert!?

Dear EurekAlert! Community,

Today, we embark on a new era for EurekAlert!, the non-profit science news release distribution platform operated by AAAS.

It’s long overdue: The old platform, which in recent years accepted an average of 150 news releases a day, each reviewed by a staff member against our eligibility guidelines, was originally designed and built in 1996. While many features and improvements were added through the years, the platform’s infrastructure has been in dire need of a complete overhaul to meet the expectations of journalists and PIOs like you.…

Japanese Universities Embrace Science Communication

From the bustling capital of Tokyo to the remote resort island of Okinawa, Japan’s universities are speaking up about their contribution to science, and the world seems to be listening.

EurekAlert!, the AAAS-operated science news service with a global audience that includes some 11,000 science journalists, has seen a dramatic uptick of press material from Japan. Sixty-five news releases from 10 institutions have been featured on its Japanese news portal so far this year, compared to 15 releases from 6 institutions in 2014.…